My name is Tony Thomas,welcome to my web site. Crete is like a second home to me, I love the people,the landscape, the pace of life and the food,but there is much more to the island of Crete than that.In my galleries I have tried to show the real Crete, not the tourist view but the behind the scenes everyday life and the beauty of the island and its' people. My
photographic passion is firstly landscape, especially trees, and on the island of Crete there are a great many olive trees.Some are extremely old and to my mind very photogenic. Crete also has an abundance of old buildings with peeling paint and I love to photograph the old doors and windows.
Being a member of Wrekin Arts Photographic Club in Telford, Shropshire has given me a lot of inspiration and encouragement .
Thank you for taking the time to look at my images I hope you enjoyed them. The galleries will be updated regularly so please come and visit again.

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