About Tony Thomas

My interest in photography began at the age of 13 when I bought a Coronet camera with the proceeds of a paper round.This was solely to take pictures at scout camps, but I was hooked! Although always keen, my interest blossomed when I joined Wrekin Arts Photographic Club in 1980. I was always very keen on cars and while taking photographs of rally cars I realised that the landscape had a lot to offer me. My passion for landscape photography grew over the years and although I work in all mediums,monochrome prints are my favourite,my preference being infrared and lith printing.
Although I am now working with digital printing the darkroom is still my first love and because I am one of a diminishing group still working in the dark I tend to refer to myself as a dinosaur.
Trees hold a great fascination for me especially in winter when the shape can be seen unhindered by leaves and I feel that the weather is never too bad to take a photograph.
Holidays on the island of Crete opened up a whole new world and olive trees stirred something in me. It is not unknown for me to spend several hours in an olive grove shooting from all angles.(My wife reads a lot of books!)An ample supply of peeling paint and old ladies in black makes for a perfect location.
My love of Crete and the Cretan people is shown not only on this site but in my book,"Real Crete Through My Lens"(available from Blurb.com)
I achieved EFIAP IN 2002. I am still entering some exhibitions but not on the same scale as it took to reach FIAP standard because I now take pictures that please me more than a panel of judges.